Castanon Art

Few scenes from “Full Circle” introductory talk and presentation of my latest digital work displayed for the first time at Hillyer Art Space Sept 6/27 2013.

"Block Dynamics" from Castanon Art on Vimeo.

The dynamics of a square action with perfect car color background and fave song, a short minimal visual story of romance and the building blocks of industrialization, all at once.

This clip is my first using this technique that I am just starting to explore, and it came about as a natural progression from the still images I create, of course there’s plenty of room to improvement but considering what I learned in the process of making the , moving pictures , just wanted to share the fresh feeling that comes with the new, is the same every time I go into uncharted territory, the idea here is what I try to express, and if you’re still interested I can briefly explain., This work is basically an exploration into the cellular structures manifesting everything, everywhere, all the time, it’s about creation, but also about the eternal cycle of life and death,…enjoy it while you can !